Rasgulla ~ A famous Bengali Sweet

Spongy cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup

Rasgulla no needs any introduction as it is world famous sweet originated in West Bengal - India. It is made out of fresh homemade paneer. Normally prepared during Indian festivals.

Print Friendly and PDF YIELD :12 to 15 nos.

Recipe Source - Manjula's Kitchen 


Full Cream Milk - 1 ltr
Lemon juice - 1 lemon
Maida/All Purpose flour - 1 tbsp
Powdered Sugar - 1 tbsp
Water - 3-4 cups
Sugar - 1 cup
Cardamom - 2-3 pods


How to make Paneer:
  1. Boil the milk in non stick heavy bottom pan. Stir frequently to avoid burn on the bottom of the pan.
  2. Mix lemon juice in half cup of water and slowly add this mixture in boiling milk. stir gently. The fat or curd will start separating from whey. turn off the heat.
  3. Once the fat has separated completely from whey strain it. Line in a muslin cloth in strainer and strain all mixture in it. Only fat will get collected in muslin cloth.
  4. Keep this fat/paneer along with strainer in running water for 1 minute so all the lemon content will wash out from paneer.
  5. Now take the cloth and squeeze out all the water from it. Wrap the cloth and press hard and keep the cloth under heavy vessel for 30 minutes. Taking the right amount of water out of the paneer is the most important part of this recipe. 
  6. To check if enough water is out of the paneer, take a little piece of paneer on your palm and rub with your fingers. After rubbing the paneer for about 15-20 seconds, you should be able to make a firm but smooth ball. If the paneer is too dry, add a few drops of water, using the water squeezed from the paneer.
  7. Paneer is ready. At this stage we will get crumbled paneer which we required for making rasgullas. If  you want paneer cubes you can set it under heavy bottom vessel for 2 hours.

  1. Once the paneer is ready, place on a dry, clean surface and knead the paneer for 3-4 minutes until it is almost rolls into smooth soft dough.
  2. Add maida, Cardomom powder and powdered sugar in paneer. Knead the paneer by dragging the palm of your hand hard on the paneer. Keep scooping it back to together and knead more. Your palm will be little greasy.
  3.  Divide the dough into 15 equal parts and rolls them in smooth balls. Ensure that there are no cracks.
  4. Mix the sugar and water in a pressure cooker on medium high heat and bring to a boil. Let the sugar dissolve.
  5. Add the paneer balls and close the pressure cooker. After the pressure cooker starts steaming, turn the heat to medium and cook for about 8-10 mins. 
  6. Make sure the cooker is large enough to accommodate the finished rasgullas as they will expand to about double in the volume while cooking in the syrup!
  7. Close the heat and wait few minutes to cool down the the pressure cooker. 
  8. To check if rasgullas are cooked well, press the rasgullas slightly, it must return to its original shape, then it is an indication that it is cooked.
  9. Take out the rasgullas and strain the syrup with fine strainer.  Dip rasgullas in syrup and store it in refrigerator.
  10. Serve chilled and garnish with slivered almond and pista.

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