Bajra na Rotla / Millet Thick Roti | Gujarati Recipe

 Hand rolled Roti made from Millet Flour
Bajra na Rotla / Millet Thick Roti
Bajra na Rotla / Millet Thick Roti an Authentic Gujarati Pancake like thick Roti/Bread made of millet flour and rolled over using palms....Although absolutely simple to make, these rotis are delicious! People in Gujarat  love to eat them with fresh white butter and jaggery especially in winter season. Here goes the recipe of Bajra na Rotla...

Millet  a tiny "grain like seed" is gluten-free and packed with vitamins,minerals, calcium, fiber and iron. Acts as a prebiotic and Digests easily with bundle of benefits for your health. 

YIELD – 4 rotlas


Millet Flour (Bajra Flour) - 2 cups
Salt as per taste
Water as required to knead dough
Ghee - 2 tbsp 


  1. Heat a clay pan or a non stick pan.
  2. Mix millet flour and salt in large bowl. Add required water slowly into it and knead into firm dough.
  3. Add water as needed.(The dough should be soft enough to be pressed into a roti with your hand but firm enough to hold its shape). 
  4. Divide dough into 4 equal size portions.
  5. Wet your palms with little water, take one portion of dough and make a  medium size ball of dough in between your palms.
  6. Gently press and flatten the ball. After placing the slightly flattened ball in hand, you go on pressing it , just like slowly clapping the palms with dough in between.
  7. You will have to wet your palms from time to time in order not to let dough stick to your palms. Keep on expanding rotla this way until you get it of your desired size.
  8. Once the rotla is completely round and unbroken ,Place it carefully on hot clay tawa or non stick pan ensuring no bubbles are trapped underneath.
  9. When half cooked on one side, turn it to another side and cook it.
  10. Then fully cooked on another side, turn it to the first side again and let it cook fully.  
  11. Take it off from clay tawa and spread Ghee or white butter on it. Serve Hot.
  12. This goes well with baigan bhartha, Whole Black Gram dal, Garlic chutney, home made white butter and jaggery...


  • This taste well when cooked over traditional Sagdi(coal burner) on claypot..but it can be cooked on non stick pan as well.
  • Traditionally it is rolled over using our palms but it needs lot of experience and expertise. alternatively it can be rolled on board using cling film and row flour.
  • Few people may not like its unique taste..In that case you can mix wheat flour or knead the dough with boiled potato... 

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