Dosa Toast | Easy Bread Toast Using Dosa Batter

Bread slices are dipped in the spiced dosa batter and toast in pan until cripy golden.

Today evening I felt very hungry and my tummy started screwing me for food. I got some Dosa batter but bored with same old recipes, so I thought of preparing some quick snack with bread using this leftover batter and that's how I tried this instant Dosa Toast and my tummy started smiling with yum yum…..try this for dinner. If you got either less batter or more bread leftover can etilize this procedure to finish it..... This is such a tasty and jiffy to make snack with less ingredients.

Preparation & Cooking Time:15 minutes                                 Print Friendly and PDF
Yields:6 toast


Whole grain bread / Any Bread - 6 slices
Dosa batter -1cup
Onion -1 medium chopped
Cilantro/ Coriander Leaves -1tbsp chopped
Curry leaves -1tbsp chopped
Green chilli -1tsp finely chopped
Ginger -1tsp finely grated
Oil as needed To fry
Salt -1/4tsp

For Seasoning:

Oil - 2tsp
Cumin seed  -1/4tsp
Mustard seed-1/4tsp

* As  already
salt is added to batter, use as per taste.


    1. Combine all the above ingredients with batter except bread and add seasoning.
2. Dip each bread loaf carefully in the batter.
3. Heat the griddle apply little oil. Place the dipped bread and toast it till golden brown.
5. Flip it over the other and repeat the same process.
6. Serve with Chutney or Sauce.


  • Avoid using green chilli if preparing for kids, instead use crushed pepper powder. Use grated cheese as topping before you serve.
  • Use one beaten egg, mix with batter and dip bread if you prefer.
  • Add some grated carrot, cabbage for add on nutrients.

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